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Surrey Memorial Palliative Care Unit

Year: 2021

Client: Surrey Memorial Hospital
Medium: Vinyl

Collaborator: Peter Arkell, Pictographic Creative 

The Surrey Memorial Palliative Care Unit was a project put in motion by a donation by someone that had passed in the facility. Rain Awakens was selected to make the Palliative Care unit carry a new energy through art work. We decided to have the owl of guidance taking flight. We incorporated the ladybug because this was the favorite creature chosen by the person that passed/made donation. The owl is to help people move on to the next chapter of their spiritual journey to let them know they aren't alone. The wolf and the bear are emerging out of the ground to represent being reborn and one with earth.

The hummingbird was donated by Rain Pierre outside of the contract to show thanks for the nurses and what they do to help people.


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