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  • Do you do custom spray painting projects?
    It really depends on the size of the project and what it is for. Reach out and we can give a quote for the specific project.
  • How long is a motivational speaking presentation?
    Rain's presentations are typically an hour long, however, he can adjust to fit your functions timeline needs.
  • Do you do in-person presentations or virtual?
    Due to the state of the world and where we are at, I offer both in-person (following the current locations COVID-19 guidelines) and virtual (Zoom or Microsoft Teams).
  • How many people do you present for?
    Rain does presentations for small and large groups; Rain is comfortable with both.
  • What equipment do you require for a presentation?
    For larger groups, Rain requires a projector with sound and a microphone so that the whole audience can hear him and see the presentation clearly.
  • How many presentations can you do in a day?
    Rain does a maximum of 2-3 presentations in a single day.
  • Do you spray paint your murals?
    Rain's art has evolved over the years and he no longer spray paints his murals; he prefers to use vinyl installations. Vinyl installation opens up a wider range of colours and applications.
  • How much do murals cost?
    The cost for a mural is very dependent on location and size. The best way to get started is to measure up the space (in inches) and contact us for a quote. We will follow up with a detailed qoute for your specific project. Please note: an additional quote will be provided by AMPCO Graphics for the manufacturing and installation of the vinyl on your site, and a site visit from their team is needed for the quote.
  • How long does a mural take from inquiry to installation?
    The mural process depends on if it is a Legacy Project or an individual mural. Every project is unique, so once a quote and contract have been established, we would provide a full timeline from creation to final installation.
  • What is a Legacy Project?
    A Legacy Project is a mural project for a school that is a collaboration project completed with the students through a process of holding an in-house art competition. The winners of the competition get their design integrated with Rain's art work and we create a hybrid art piece. This creates an opportunity for the contest winners to begin their art portfolio at a young age and also be a part of the Legacy.
  • Do you only work with Indigenous students?
    No, Rain works with everyone. Rain's artwork is his own form of reconciliation by including everyone in the work he does. Everyone should have a chance to experience these projects and the message they carry.
  • How much do spray painting workshops cost and how many people can attend?
    The pricing of a spray painting session is dependent on the time and environment we are painting in. Each session has a maximum of 15 people per session. If you have more than 15 people, we can book two separate sessions. Unfortunately, we do not do smaller sessions.
  • What is the age group for motivational speaking and/or spray painting?
    Rain wants his work to be accessible to all age groups. He has taught and spoken in front of elders and students of all ages. Let's start with an email and see what we can do to accommodate your event.
  • Do you sell prints of your work?
    At this time we only sell T-shirts on our RainDropShop with Rain's artwork as wearable art. We might offer prints in the future as the company grows.
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