My name is sɬə́məxʷ (Trenton Pierre), meaning rain,

from Katzie First Nation in British Columbia, Canada.  

When I look back on my journey at the end of my days, I want to look back on an adventure glowing with legacy and passion.

I want to inspire others to dream while they are awake.

It is time for our internal compass to turn to a direction of spirit, rather than money.

Word of Mouth

​"As son of Cyril Pierre, Trenton comes from an honorable family who have devoted countless hours to making Canada a more equitable and fair society. Trenton stands upon the shoulders of his ancestors and holds their vision of a better future through his masterful skills as an artist and orator."

Joseph Heslip  |  District Principal
Mission School District

"Our Gr. 3 to 7 students had the opportunity to hear about Trenton's journey in life as a student, successful worker and artist.  His story is an inspiration for others to work hard, persevere and pursue one's passion and dream."

Bea Sayson  |  Principal

Bothwell Elementary School

"The Elders speak to us of their residential school experiences, the racism which students still encounter and their hopes of building school experiences which are respectful, honouring and include all children. Trenton is at the table to help us build a better system – one which is engaging, positive and supportive
of all youth."

Sylvia Russell  |  District Principal

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School

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