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City of Maple Ridge Banners

Year: 2020
Client: City of Maple Ridge


Graphic Designer: Dusty Yurkin (

With this design, Trenton wanted to reflect the theme of love and acceptance, but also remind people of the beautiful creatures we have in our city. This is a tribute to First Nations art work, but also a reminder to everyone to be mindful of our environment. The City of Maple Ridge is the home of people from all walks of life and welcomes all people of the world. The hummingbird is shown as smiling and happy over a sunrise. It is our belief that our community is on a new dawn in an age of creating space for everybody.

The banners were installed June 2020, and can be seen in Maple Ridge.

*Banner artwork on the left was created by local artist Phyllis Atkins of Spring Salmon Studio.


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