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Surrey Mental Health and Substance Use Urgent Care Response Centre

Year: 2019

Client: Fraser Health  

Graphic Designer: Peter Arkell at Pictographic Creative (

This project for the Surrey Mental Health and Substance Use Centre, is close to Trenton’s heart and his inspiration came from his two late grandmothers. If facilities such as this existed when his grandmothers were alive, they may still be here and have been provided the help and assistance they needed. He lost one to suicide and the other to a drunk driver.  

Trenton wanted the designs to be welcoming, and inspired by nature to create private, calming places while families and patients wait to receive care.

The Mama Bear and Cub design was created and inspired by his own mother, reflecting her loyalty to her children. The Hummingbird design demonstrates the uniqueness of every individual who enters the facility, as the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards. It represents the uniqueness of every patient seeking help and change.


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