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Rain's World Art Show
Mar 12- Apr 5

Explore Rain’s World, Whispers of the Ancestor: Echoes of Timeless Art. Join us for a journey into the vivid dreams and cultural heritage of Rain Pierre, a proud member of Katzie First Nation, the LGBTQ2s+ and recovery community. Celebrating nearly 4 years of sobriety, Rain shares his life story and the beauty of First Nation culture through an array of mediums. The exhibit features collaborations with talents like Lainie Leon, Karla Zaldaña, Trevor Johnson, and Kiefer Strautman, showcasing traditionally harvested materials such as cedar bark, feathers and elk antlers.

Pitt Meadows Art Gallery (located on the main floor of the South Bonson Community Centre)
10932 Barnston View Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 0B9


Rain Pierre, Owner, Artist & Motivational Speaker

My name is sɬə́məxʷ (Rain Pierre), meaning Rain, 

from Katzie First Nation in British Columbia, Canada.  

When I look back on my journey at the end of my days, I want to look back on an adventure glowing with legacy and passion.

I want to inspire others to dream while they are awake.

It is time for our internal compass to turn to a direction of spirit, rather than money.

Dusty Yurkin, Manager and Graphic Designer

Dustyanna Design & Consulting

Dusty is a Graphic Designer, specializing in digital and print media, specifically layout design and illustration. She believes we all have a story to tell, individually or as a company, and she wants to work with brands and artists to tell their story through typography, illustration and design.


Karla Parker, Multi-Media Manager

Karla's family came to Canada as refugees from post-civil war El Salvador in 1989. She's lived in Nova Scotia and Ontario but she grew up in South Vancouver. Karla is the Multi-Media Manager for Rain Awakens. 

She believe in heartfelt and humorous story-telling, and in using her gift in service of others. Her love for photography and storytelling drove her to found La Casa de Lala in 2017, combining her two passions into one medium - film. This led Karla to collaborating with Rain in bringing to life his creative visions, self expression and in capturing his story. 

Kiefer Strautman, Production Manager

Kiefer is the owner and founder of KS Woodworks. He is originally from Saskatchewan and as he migrated west,  he discovered who he really wants to be in this world through his craft and working with his hands.


He currently works with RainAwakens as the Production Manager, creating and collaborating on projects with Rain in his shop. He creates 3-dimensional artwork using the various tools and machines to execute Rain’s vision using a combination of plexiglass and wood. Kiefer is also a contractor in the construction industry, but his true passion is working on art projects and bringing new creations to this world. His goal is to solely work on art projects full time. 

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